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The electric power heater is the more power, the more electricity?
In many people's impressions, the electric water heater is a “power consumer”, which is derived from its power is generally above 8000W. In fact, under the fashionable appearance of the instant electric water heater, the performance of energy saving is also very superior. of.

First, the heating time is short

The instant electric water heater is hot and the heating time depends on the length of your bath time. And in the spring and autumn summer season, only 1-4 kilowatts is enough, the average annual bath is around 0.2 yuan. Aohuasi instant electric water heater adopts 99.995% high-purity oxygen-free copper as a heating rod, which has excellent thermal conductivity and super stability. It is a super raw material for instant heating electric water heater, which greatly improves the thermal conductivity of the product. And the safety factor is the most mature and stable heating technology for hydropower separation recognized by the world's thermal industry, energy saving and environmental protection.

Second, no need to keep heat

See if it costs electricity, not by the power level, but to see if the electricity used is wasted, that is, the hot electric water heater does not need to preheat, does not need to save hot water, how much hot water is used, how much electricity is spent, not a little bit waste. With other traditional water storage type electric water heaters, it is necessary to store hot water 24 hours a day, and heat preservation requires heat dissipation. I will run away (was) 2 kWh in one day.

Third, no residual hot water waste

Take a bath with a traditional water heater, and the hot water inside is pressed by cold water. When the water temperature drops to 40 °C. If you enter cold water again, the water temperature will drop and you can't take a bath anymore (the best bath temperature for people is about 40 °C). In this way, a large bucket of hot water at 40 ° C is wasted, so the hot electric water heater is power-saving.

Fourth, lighter and safer

Space saving: Water storage type electric water heaters have huge water storage tanks, which occupy valuable indoor space and affect the beauty of interior decoration. The instant water heater is small in size and beautiful, compact and easy to install. It can be installed in the bathroom, convenient, safe and beautiful. It does not occupy the position, does not obstruct the ceiling, and does not need ventilation equipment. The traditional water storage type electric water heater has The large water tank is large in size and heavy in weight. It must be installed on the load-bearing wall when using it. Therefore, it must be considered whether the load-bearing in the home can withstand it. Hanging too high and affecting the bathroom decoration effect, the operation is also very inconvenient.

Five, easy to maintain

The instant electric water heater is heated by water and has the characteristics of being difficult to scale. Therefore, no special maintenance is required. However, the traditional water storage type electric water heater is easy to form scale because it is placed in the inner tank to be heated. The process used for descaling is cumbersome and costly, so its maintenance is extremely inconvenient.

Sixth, the installation requirements continue to improve

Installation requirements for instant electric water heaters: Instant electric water heaters require copper core wires of 4 square millimeters or more or 40 A meters. In fact, the renovation project of one household, one meter and one line of urban households in China is progressing rapidly, and most of the electric meters after the transformation meet the requirements. The new residential area and residential building are generally equipped with a 40A electric meter. The sockets are all 4 square millimeter copper core wires. Some owners plan to take even 6 square millimeters of wires in the long run. Therefore, instant electric water heaters have been able to be used in more and more homes.
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