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Analysis on the market development of instant electric water heater
ow big is the market size of instant electric water heaters? "I believe that different people have different answers. From the perspective of foreign markets, thermal electric water heaters have become a major product of domestic water heaters, with a market share of 80% in some Southeast Asian countries such as Europe, America, Malaysia and Singapore. The domestic start was relatively late, mainly limited by many factors, which once hindered the development of the market. However, in recent years, whether it is the use of electricity environment, infrastructure or consumer acceptance has reached a new height. If the current traditional How big is the market for electric water heaters, so how big is the future hot water heater market!

With the rapid development of domestic electric water heaters, the most popular ones in the future must be the two types of water heaters, the quick-heating and the instant-heating. From the new products released by the major water heater brands of AWE (China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo) in 2018, the appearance is more personalized, the volume is smaller, the function is more intelligent, and the product is heated more quickly. The more energy-efficient, compact, faster heating and more intelligent instant electric water heaters are undoubtedly in line with the future development needs of electric water heaters, so they have broad development prospects.

In recent years, the instant market share and the overall market share of electric water heaters have grown at an average rate and have grown steadily. And as the thermal technology becomes more and more mature, the production cost is further reduced, and the product price is also declining. According to the latest Tmall data, the price range of 500-1400 yuan accounts for 50% of online sales, and the price range of 1400 yuan or more only accounts for 25%. As a mid-to-high-end brand in the hot industry, Otlan, which has rich experience in market operation, once had a market share of 40%, while online only accounted for 7% of the market. Explain that there are more marketing ideas that need to be changed, and there are more hot markets that need to be expanded.

The urbanization process in China has been accelerating, and the demand for improved housing for residents has increased significantly. Large-sized, double-bathroom units occupy most of the share of commercial housing. As we all know, consumers generally believe that multi-channel water supply is better for water heater waterway layout. It is convenient and simple to think that a water heater can solve hot water in the kitchen and hot water in the bathroom. As everyone knows, in the process of using, consumers will encounter various problems caused by long waterways. For example, if the water heater is installed in the kitchen, if the consumer uses hot water in the main bedroom, the waterway can be up to ten meters long. Whether it is bathing or washing, it takes a long time to have hot water, that is, it costs electricity and is very inconvenient. . In fact, for the large-sized double bathroom, a combination of two water heaters can be used. One water heater is used for kitchen hot water and public toilets, and one water heater is used for main bathroom. The hot water heater is the second water heater of the large size, and the water heater used as the main bedroom is undoubtedly the most suitable. Everyone knows that the hot water heater has a fast heating speed, and the appearance is not fashionable, which saves water and electricity. However, in the cold winter, the amount of hot water may be small. If it is the second water heater in the house, it is avoided. This embarrassing situation. Therefore, in the sales process, the use of instant water heaters in the most suitable location for use, it is very important to enhance the hot word of mouth.
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