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How to use the instant electric water heater to save the most electricity
Since the instant electric water heater is electrically heated, its power is relatively large, so many people mistakenly think that the hot electric water heater is very expensive. Water heater repair service center for your analysis: In fact, this is not the case, that is, the effective utilization rate of electric energy of the electric water heater is at least 80%, which is much higher than that of the instant electric water heater, which heats the water in the inner tank through the heating rod. The water is heated and the temperature is raised to reach the temperature we set, and the water heater stops heating. When heating, the power of the electric water heater is the actual power of the water heater. When the heating is stopped, the water heater is turned off and does not consume electricity. The method of energy saving and energy saving is to shorten the heating time as much as possible, increase the heat preservation effect, and reduce unnecessary hot water loss.

How to use the instant electric water heater to save the most electricity

Here are some ways to save energy according to different usage situations:

(1) For households that do not use hot water frequently, it means to use hot water bath for at least two days. The frequency of use is not high. In this family, we recommend starting heating for one hour before bathing, and closing after bathing. The water heater is turned off. This minimizes power consumption and maximizes electricity bills.

(2) For households that use water heaters every day, only for bathing, and the use of hot water is not large, we recommend to turn on the instant electric water heaters one hour before bathing. If you take a bath at a relatively fixed time every day, you can purchase a computer-controlled water heater product, using its timed heating function. Turn off the water heater after bathing.

(3) For the case of being used all the time (generally referred to as a commercial user such as a hair salon), only the state of the instant electric water heater can be kept normally, but the temperature of the hot water can also be appropriately adjusted according to the number of guests. Thereby maximizing electricity bills.

(4) For the case of frequent use (generally the kitchen and the bathroom use a water heater at the same time, cooking, washing dishes, bathing with hot water) we recommend keeping the water heater in the always open state, according to the frequency of use and hot water The amount of water used can be adjusted to adjust the temperature of the hot water. If the amount is small, the temperature can be lowered a little. If the amount is large, the temperature can be increased.

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